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Performance Brake Pads

RTS “RT62” brake pads are designed to be driven hard and offer high performance non – aggressive unique stopping power.
RTS brake pads can be applied as a straight replacement throughout a full range of car manufacturers and offer a precise fit to any standard callipers.

Benefits of the RT62 Brake Pads

  • None aggressive friction technology
  • Install and forget confidence to all callipers
  • Efficient and responsive braking from cold to hot temperatures
  • Chamfered edge friction creates a more responsive and smoother braking feel
  • Excellent sheer strength resistance
  • Nominal friction coefficient 0.41
  • Excellent wear, fade and vibration free characteristics
  • Available in sets of front and rear pads across an extensive range of performance applications
  • To be used for Fast Road and Track Use.
RT62 Brake Pads

RT62 Performance Brake Pads cover all European, American, Japanese and Korean applications.

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